Faced with the unimaginable, Alfred Quick is forced to make a decision that will forever change the lives of both him and those whom he once trusted the most. How Alfred Won is a coming of age novella exploring themes of betrayal, revenge, and transcendence that will leave readers in suspense until the shocking conclusion. Available in Kindle eBook format.

Conceived in 2007 and written over the following decade, 72 Lanterns is a stylistically diverse collection of poetry expressing and examining the range of the human condition. Drawing from his experience, observation, and imagination, Greg takes the reader through a probing journey, deftly utilizing an array of poetic devices to examine topics including death, love, decay, birth, spirit, revenge, and redemption. Staying true to the author’s spirit and worldview, the collection is a compelling beacon for those in search of an off-the-beaten-path look at at humanity and the universe in which it resides. Available in Kindle eBook format.

Greg is also available for functional writing tasks: creating website copy entailing biographical, descriptive, and instructional purposes, proofreading, and general tutoring.  Please visit his writing portfolio for more information.