Released in 2011, Singularity is Greg’s first recording on the Fundamental Sounds label. An eclectic mix of largely original music for solo piano, the recording draws from a variety of jazz, classical, new age, and pop influences. A bold and intriguing step for an emerging artist, Singularity takes the listener on a path of often surprising and unexpected directions. Digital downloads of the recording are available through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby, as well as through Spotify and Apple Music streaming services. To purchase a hard copy, click the album cover image above.

Here are just a few things that some of the country’s foremost musicians have had to say about Singularity:
Singularity is a beautiful recording: lyric, expressive, colorful, and imaginative. The first time through pulled me in with the richness of the overall sonority, and repeated listenings keep revealing innovative details that are also soothing and peaceful.
-Chris Gekker (Sting, American Brass Quintet, New York Philharmonic; Faculty, University of Maryland)

This recording showcases an introspective approach to piano playing with lots of variety and pleasant surprises! We, at the University of Maryland Jazz Studies program, are proud to see another of our talented graduates excel in performance and composition.

-Chris Vadala (Chuck Mangione, Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra; Faculty, University of Maryland)

As the pianist for the Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble, Greg performed on Jagged Spaces, the group’s acclaimed debut recording of all original music. Released in 2021, the album features Benny Russell (saxophone), Skip Grasso (guitar), Greg Small (piano), Phil Ravita (bass), and Nucleo Vega (drums). Critics have heaped ample praise on the release, with Contemporary Fusion stating the the album is full of “vivaciously vibrant jazz originals,” while the Baltimore Jazz Alliance writes that Greg’s composition Circles “revolves at a relaxed pace, as the soprano sax zigs where the piano zags on a slinking melodic pattern…

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Visit the Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble on the web for complete information on how to purchase hard or digital copies of the album, and to learn more about the group’s history and booking availability.